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Pico's Penny Prank Pico's Penny Prank

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty Epic

Great stuff! Hope to see more stuff of great quality!

ToonCastleTV responds:


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/M: Once in a While /M: Once in a While

Rated 2 / 5 stars


That was terrible. Sure, some of the synths were nice and all, and quite a bit catchy, but the beat sounds like the same garbage and all in all it was very repetitive. I mean, yes the song was decent, but there are just a lot of flaws. And it stretched for way too long.

So yes, the song was bad, the quality is good, some of the synths were good, and the structure of the song wasn't very good. Maybe not poor, but not fair.

Mich responds:

This review wasn't very good in my opinion. It does mention things that aren't appreciated in the song, but little to no suggestion for improvement were provided.

The strange part about the review is that it seems to be telling good things about the song, but trying to bring it down anyway. A striking example of this: "Sure, some of the synths were nice and all, and quite a bit catchy".

It does seem to me that the reviewer is putting in an effort to criticize the song negatively, for the sake of being negative, rather than actually objectively listening and offering fair suggestions.

"there are just a lot of flaws" - It's great to know that, but I'm of the opinion it wouldn't have hurt to get into these flaws rather than just mention that they're there and leave it at that. Mentioning there are a lot of flaws is only a good as an attempt to bring the artists' morale down, not to help them improve future works.

Overall the review is very vague and doesn't offer any tips to improve the work at all.

What I can deduct from this is that the author of the review simply wanted to be negative out of spite because of unrelated events. I rate this review 1/10.

Tomorrow In Bloom Tomorrow In Bloom

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was really good

That was really good, especially seeing as you guys are fairly young. I like the meaning of the lyrics and how they were sung. You could go somewhat far with this type of music, well done.

Sawdust responds: