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that was from so deep ago

2011-09-12 06:07:15 by IAmCrystalHeights

That was from SO deep ago

that was from so deep ago

blunt blunt

2011-09-10 21:54:50 by IAmCrystalHeights

blunt blunt blunt blunt

blunt blunt

Important Thing

2011-09-04 05:29:41 by IAmCrystalHeights


Important  Thing


2011-08-31 22:21:28 by IAmCrystalHeights



Asandir is Black

2011-08-24 15:26:35 by IAmCrystalHeights

That is all

Asandir is Black

Story About NG Members

2011-08-18 22:30:43 by IAmCrystalHeights

So, I felt like making a little story about four NG members. It's not to be taken so seriously and nothing is supposed to offensive to any of them, but it's just for fun. Enjoy.

So Ptero was walking down the street of his humble, tight-knit neighborhood while listening to his iPod and suddenly he hears a loud noise. As a Lil Wayne song finishes, he hears what sounds like the screeching of tires from a vehicle passing by. The vehicle, a black Rolls Royce, stops and the windows roll down. The man, later to be known as Manly-Chicken, is seen and verbally forces Ptero into the car. Ptero refuses, and then bolts away. Manly-Chicken jumps out of the car and grabs Ptero by the foot and gets him into the car, threatening him with a razor blade that he has in his pocket.

Manly-Chicken drives to his home, while holding Ptero. The frightened Ptero is then greeted by Asandir and GiantDouche, both looking very sinister and belligerent. Asandir asks Ptero for the "documents" leaving him confused about what those "documents" are. Ptero is then duct-taped to the wall of GiantDouche's room, and is being interrogated about the documents. GiantDouche then shows Ptero his Macbook, having it logged onto Ptero's Twitter account.

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET INTO MY TWITTER ACCOUNT?" screams an utterly confused young man known as just "Ptero" to the three men, and known by no other alias or name. GiantDouche then presses the "Delete Account" function on Ptero's Twitter account, leaving Ptero screaming "no" repeatedly in a screeching voice. While slowly pressing it and with slight hesitation, GiantDouche presses the button, and then pops up the box asking whether or not you're sure if you want to delete the account. GiantDouche confirms, as Ptero is wailing and even defecating his pants in extreme distress.

Asandir shows sympathy for Ptero as he's hyperventilating and bawling his eyes out over the deleted account. He rips off the duct-tape and asks him to leave through the backyard, which is the farthest from where GiantDouche and Manly-Chicken were located--the living room. As Ptero attempts to escape, he grabs a one-foot long stick of sourdough bread from the kitchen to use as defense if he becomes subdued by the two. As he enters the backyard and attempts to jump over the fence, Manly-Chicken notices Ptero's disappearance and runs out towards the backyard. Ptero then uses the sourdough bread in defense and knocks out Manly-Chicken with two bludgeons from the stick of bread. Seeing as Ptero was wearing cleats because he just got back from soccer practice prior to the kidnapping, he then jumps back to the garden and stomps on Manly-Chicken's face with the sharp spikes from his shoes, until he's bleeding excessively.

GiantDouche then runs out to the yard and confronts Ptero. However, due to GiantDouche's weakness for tasty sourdough bread, he senses the smell of sourdough bread from the ground. He picks it up and eats it, leaving Ptero to escape, as he dashes over the fence. Ptero, being 20 miles away from home, then runs towards the driveway of Manly-Chicken's home, and enters the home again. He steals the car keys for the Rolls Royce, and then takes off. GiantDouche then again attempts to confront Ptero while he's backing up, but this altercation does not last for too long until Ptero decides to run over GiantDouche with the car. Ptero then takes off in the car for his neighborhood. 25 minutes later, Ptero arrives home all relieved and exhausted, and his mother realizes the Rolls Royce sitting out in their driveway. His mother asks, "where did that car from, son?" Ptero hesitates and tries to come up and lie about how he obtained such an expensive vehicle, and said, "Well... I won it at the local fair." "But you're only 15, and you don't have a license," his mother says with such curiosity. "Well... let's just say, I'm a special kid" as Ptero chuckles.


2011-08-13 03:01:46 by IAmCrystalHeights

The Price is Wrong


"I was just joshin' around"

2011-08-04 05:41:02 by IAmCrystalHeights

As of August 4, my challenge is to not read any more posts by this foo'. Yeee.

Cool Music

2011-07-03 11:50:21 by IAmCrystalHeights

i am robot and proud (Shaw-Han Liem), Canadian electronic artist who was living in Osaka, Japan, and toured extensively throughout Asia:

another great track of his

Remix of Italian dance music group Bloody Beetroots' "Warp"

Rapper from Huntsville, Alabama. Unique rapping voice. His stagename is Jackie Chain because he is half-Korean and he was locked up in a prison for dealing drugs, where people nicknamed him after Jackie Chan (due to his Asian appearance), but the Chan pronounced as Chain due to the southern drawl in Alabama. really cool guy.



2011-06-25 07:38:56 by IAmCrystalHeights