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What a terrifying week

2017-10-19 16:41:44 by IAmCrystalHeights

It's been a roller coaster of emotions for me the past few months


2016-07-19 07:26:59 by IAmCrystalHeights

3629301_146892759922_image.pngAre Mexican 

she said hey hey 3629301_146735185313_Sikh_wearing_turban.jpghey lez go

In Canada

2016-06-10 04:07:21 by IAmCrystalHeights

I'm in Langley, BC right now

In Canada Next Month

2016-05-31 01:16:11 by IAmCrystalHeights

I'm supposed to be in Canada (Langley, BC, near Vancouver) from June 10-ish to June 25-ish, working on an organic farm. 

If you wear a Rick and Morty shirt

2016-03-20 02:01:16 by IAmCrystalHeights

3629301_145845435081_image.jpgThen U are cool

Talkin' 'bout my baby

2015-12-11 02:02:27 by IAmCrystalHeights


I h8 fun

2015-03-10 05:28:26 by IAmCrystalHeights

3629301_142597970351_latest.pngShrimp salad


2012-02-28 20:57:13 by IAmCrystalHeights


you make me hard

2012-02-24 04:26:38 by IAmCrystalHeights

you make me hard